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Sri Dhanam ChitsSri Dhanam ChitsSri Dhanam Chits
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Sri Dhanam ChitsSri Dhanam ChitsSri Dhanam Chits

About us

Sri Dhanam Chits: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Welcome to Sri Dhanam Chits, a monthly chit company based in Dharmapuri and Omalur, offering unique and innovative chit plans to help you save and invest for a secure future. Our chit plans cater to various financial goals and risk appetites, providing you with the opportunity to grow your wealth over time.

1.5 Lakhs 10 Months
2 Lakhs 20 Months
3 Lakhs 10 Months
3 Lakhs 20 Months
5 Lakhs 10 Months
5 Lakhs 20 Months
10 Lakhs 10 Months
10 Lakhs 20 Months
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